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We were recently presented with the opportunity to give food and emergency aid to the Hazara ethnic group who are yet another persecuted minority, and are led to appeal to our partners for immediate help. Because of the nature and sensitivity of the circumstances involving this people group, the Hazara, and their current refugee conditions, we feel it safer to not reveal too many details or their location. 

After hearing first hand of the plight of the Hazara people, then reading up on their history and journey, it is astounding to see the repetition of atrocities perpetrated upon them by religious terrorist genocidal maniacs. Like the refugee families we currently serve in Jordan, the Hazara have been under persecution for several years and   were forced to leave their home and country or be killed. The Hazara group we were introduced to are an even further marginalized minority group because they converted to Christianity and are subject to the death penalty if caught. They do not live amongst the other communities, but remain hidden outside of any camps. Their problems are multiple, including, depression, PTSD, malnutrition and lack of sustainability. 

The Hazara families dwell in unplanned makeshift communities without running water and without electricity. This is the first group we have served who we discovered go without food for days on end. All because they are caught in the middle of a war on ideology, power and greed. In recent years, threats, bombings, targeted massacres, beheadings, injustices, and homelessness have been part of their world.

It’s in that desperation that some have converted to the Christian faith, and as the household of faith, Restoring Faith, Inc. is compelled to include them in our distribution of food and aid. 

The Hazara, like the Iraqi, Sudanese and Syrians we serve, are only hoping for peace and shelter. All are without their country, and hanging on a thread with their dignity. 

We are organizing to distribute bags of food, including fruits and vegetables, to help supplement their lack of adequate nutrition. We are also distributing bibles for their spiritual growth. Your kind donation will help us to service the Hazara. 

- Restoring Faith Team, May 2023








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