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Got Questions? We have answers to clarify all you need to know about Restoring Faith!


  • How do refugees find sustenance?
    According to the United Nations World Food Program, the majority of refugees in Jordan do not live in refugee settlements or camps but live in urban areas and towns. Most of the basic needs of these refugee families are met through humanitarian assistance. With billions of dollars needed for refugee requirements, under 10% of humanitarian aid is provided for by foreign donors. Restoring Faith, Inc. as a charitable entity struggles to fill existing assistance gaps for the most vulnerable refugee families we interview.
  • Can refugees return to their country of origin?
    Refugees from Syria, Iraq and Sudan have the same dilemma. They lost their homes and livelihoods in the war-torn countries they fled from. It is currently not safe for them to return as their respective countries of origin are still at war with limited access to basic life saving amenities.
  • What is one of the biggest challenges Jordan is facing as a refugee hosting country?
    Jordan faces a strain on its economy as well as social systems, limited education, health, water and sanitation infrastructures as a result of hosting millions of refugees. With increased public debt, and effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the Jordanian economy, Jordan has limited capacity to address the needs of its own citizens as well as for refugees. Restoring Faith inc. is sensitive to the gracious Jordanians and joins them in support of refugees.
  • With the amount of challenges the refugee families face, how can they survive?"
    Families of immediate and/or distant relatives pull their resources together by living in the same household. It is common to find two or three families living together. They rely on charities and odd jobs to sustain themselves and survive.
  • Can refugees resettle to other countries?
    The United Nations reports that over 60 million people around the world are now displaced due to internal and international conflicts, religious persecution, climate change and disasters. Most countries that have resettlement programs have reached their resettlement ceiling and with economies impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, countries have limited or no refugee absorption capacities.
  • How many refugee families have the opportunity to resettle in another country?
    On the average, immigration occurs in less than 5% of refugee families.
  • Can refugees become citizens of Jordan?
    Jordanian citizenship is the status of being a citizen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordanian law requires that citizenship can only be acquired by birth, marriage, or naturalization. This requirement excludes all refugees and asylum seekers. All of the refugees and asylum seekers that Restoring Faith, Inc. supports have been thoroughly qualified before receiving assitance.
  • How is Restoring Faith helping refugees?
    We distribute food and relief aid monthly to the most vulnerable families who meet our criteria.
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