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The purpose of Restoring Faith is to provide basic needs and services to extremely destitute families who do not otherwise have the means to help themselves. This effort is done primarily through services, food distribution, and relief aid to the disadvantaged and vulnerable at both a local and global level. In committing to this humanitarian endeavor, our desire is to improve the quality of life of those families most in need.

Restoring Faith seeks to recognize and address community development projects, international refugee aid, social injustice and deprivation. We provide food and assistance with compassion and generosity. We target care for women, single parents, seniors, homeless, the ill & disabled, and refugee families who are oppressed, low-income, and at-risk.

Our Mission Statement:

Restoring Faith Inc. is a non-profit that is passionate about providing basic necessities and services for the destitute to restore the faith in humanity.

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