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Learn more about our organization.


Restoring Faith, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a faith-based mission to provide vital assistance to highly vulnerable refugees in the country of Jordan and to homeless communities in Riverside, California, USA. 


This effort is done primarily through distribution of life-saving essentials, including food, shelter improvements, medical aid, and various forms of international relief aid to refugees and basic necessities to homeless individuals in California. In committing to this humanitarian endeavor, we strive to identify the most vulnerable and disadvantaged beneficiaries. We target care to women, single parents, seniors, the ill and disabled, homeless, and those who are oppressed, low-income and at-risk. 


Through our unwavering commitment to this humanitarian cause, we aim to preserve the lives of those who lack alternative means of survival while improving the quality of life for those families most in need.

Our Mission Statement:

The Mission of Restoring Faith Inc. is to reflect the love of Christ by providing basic necessities and emergency aid to those in need.

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