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Restoring Faith, Inc. provides life-saving humanitarian aid to refugees and the homeless affected by war, religious persecution, and forced displacement. Our purpose is to offer immediate assistance, protection, and support to those in humanitarian emergencies and crises, both internationally and in disadvantaged homeless communities in the United States.



Refugees do not have social programs available to them such as food banks, soup kitchens, welfare systems, or consistent relief aid. We strive to meet hunger needs by distributing basic food supplies or food vouchers. In times of emergency, we seek to provide items that are needed in the short term such as provide blankets, heating supplies, hot water heaters, fridges, stoves, medical necessities, and more.

Beneficiary Assessment, Targeting and Service Delivery

Restoring Faith regularly conducts needs assessments for food, shelter improvements and winterization to gather data from the target vulnerable communities to identify their specific needs and determine how best to provide the required assistance to meet those needs. This assessment involves various activities, including surveys, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, and community consultations.

Our assessment criteria identify the key factors contributing to beneficiary vulnerabilities, including food insecurity, lack of income, access to markets, health status, and social and cultural factors. ​Based on the needs assessment findings, Restoring Faith designs an assistance project tailored to the target population's specific needs. This involves different types of assistance, majorly transferred as in-kind distribution, voucher distribution and other forms of assistance, such as emergency rent, repair or replacement of appliances and living conditions.


Our teams conduct regular project monitoring and evaluation to ensure that implementation remains responsive to the evolving needs of the target population, meets donor requirements, and identifies any necessary adjustments or improvements.

Restoring Faith Assistance Modalities

The Restoring Faith project programming strongly emphasizes an accountability-driven approach.

The initiative integrates humanitarian compliance requirements to ensure adequate quality and delivery of assistance

In-kind Distribution

We conduct in-person house-to-house assistance transfers directly to the beneficiaries through physical items such as grains, canned goods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and non-food items. The items are typically sourced and procured by Restoring Faith, then distributed to the beneficiaries by our teams. This approach is used to support refugees families, including disabled beneficiaries, persons with special needs, and the elderly where access to food is limited or disrupted.

Voucher Distribution

In partnership with supermarkets, shops, and stores, Restoring Faith has established a voucher transfer system. In this system, beneficiaries are provided with vouchers that can be redeemed for necessities at specific supermarkets, shops, and stores.

Our teams directly distribute the vouchers, and the beneficiaries can use them to purchase items of their choice. This approach allows the beneficiaries greater flexibility to access what they need while allowing us to provide needed support.


Homelessness is pervasive in California, affecting individuals and families across diverse ages, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The state has one of the highest homeless populations in the United States and is driven by a combination of factors, including a lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, mental health and substance use disorders.

Restoring Faith works in collaboration with community organizations, faith-based groups, and like-minded stakeholders to develop effective strategies and programs to provide immediate and sustainable solutions to the homeless communities in California. One of our initiatives is to offer survival bags to homeless individuals packed with basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, and hygiene products.


In addition to providing direct aid, Restoring Faith and its partners actively advocate for local, state, and national policy changes to address the underlying factors contributing to homelessness. Despite ongoing efforts to address homelessness in California, the issue persists and requires continued attention and action to effectively address its root causes and provide lasting solutions for individuals and families in need.

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