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Seasonal Projects

Restoring Faith implements several projects throughout the year to help the refugee families and those who are homeless. Each one of these people gives thanks to you for remembering them during these hard times.

Mattress Drive!

Our upcoming trip to Jordan will include a mattress drive! Along with food, heaters and blankets, mattresses will be distributed to the refugee families during our October visit!


 Last October, we met a young man who suffered from shrapnel in his shoulder due to an ISIS bombing at his college. He said he had trouble sleeping because the pain was so unbearable. We evaluated his living condition and discovered his bed was a 3” piece of foam on the floor... Not even memory foam, but cheap foam laid on a cold floor. It is common for refugees to use foam like this to serve as their bed; No frame, no box spring, no mattress, as you can view in our photo gallery. This has been their sleeping conditions for the last several years. For the elderly and sick, this makes their health problems worse! 


We are deeply appreciative for your prayers and thoughtful consideration in helping the families.

We have two methods of receiving donations for the Refugees Program:


Give online with a One-Time Donation or become a Monthly Partner by selecting from the following options:

Check By Mail

For donations by check, please write checks out to Restoring Faith, Inc.  and mail to:

Restoring Faith, Inc.

3410 La Sierra Ave. Ste. F

BOX 513

Riverside, CA 92503