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Read some of the feedback we have received from those who were in need.

Below you'll be able to read testimonies of how your contribution has directly impacted the lives of those in need:

“Without your help, we don’t know how we would survive.”

~ Sudanese Refugee Family

“Your food coupons always miraculously come at the exact time when we desperately need more food.”

~ Iraqi Refugee (Single Mom)

“I’m afraid for my kids and the future of the children. It’s very terrible for them to grow up in this situation where there is no job, no future, nothing. We cannot do anything at all. We are just frozen and just waiting. I've been waiting now since nine years ago when the war began in Syria when we had to run from the bombing and killing. Now we are in a place where they don’t have free services of any kind. The only help we get is from charity every once in a while.”

~ Syrian Refugee (Father)

“The American people are so generous and remember us and give us hope. We thank you so much.”

~ Syrian Refugee Family

"For over two years, I have supported various refugee programs and witnessed the scale of refugees' vulnerabilities worsen with each passing day. However, in 2021, the Covid pandemic has impacted refugees' lives in Jordan in a way never seen before; the difference this time around is unprecedented. The Covid prevention measures, reduced livelihood opportunities due to lockdowns, and overstretched humanitarian and government budgets have left many refugees without life-saving assistance. The most vulnerable women, children, the elderly, and persons with special needs do not know where their next meal will come from, with most of them facing poverty, starvation, and malnourishment. 

Jordan imports many food items, but the Covid pandemic has caused global supply chains to be disrupted and made it more expensive. With increased food prices as well as other basic essentials, refugees and vulnerable Jordanian host families are experiencing new challenges. I pray with them each time I visit to give them food they'll be able to eat at least one more day each month and try to provide them with hope."

~ Field Worker

"Restoring Faith has come to our aid during one of the most devastating times of our lives.”

~ Syrian Earthquake Victim

*For the safety of our beneficiaries, we have provided anonymity to those who have decided to share their stories.

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