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We serve refugee and asylum families from Syria, Iraq, and Sudan. These families are at-risk and below-poverty category.

Restoring Faith, Inc. builds long-term empowering relationships among families with the goal of sustaining their hope for improved conditions.

Refugee Response: Jordan

In the last two decades, political instability, wars and prolonged conflicts in several Middle Eastern and North African countries, including Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Sudan have led to millions of vulnerable individuals seeking refuge in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This has presented significant challenges for Jordan, a country already facing socio-economic difficulties where the influx of refugees has stretched Jordan's national resources. Consequently, refugees and their Jordanian host communities have limited access to essential basic services, economic opportunities, justice and social inclusion.

​Many refugees struggle to obtain basic needs such as food security, education, healthcare, and livelihoods, while also facing limited housing options and overcrowded and inadequate living conditions. Furthermore, refugees have experienced trauma and ongoing mental health issues, further impacting their well-being and ability to integrate into their new communities. The most affected by this dire situation are vulnerable members of the refugee and host communities who have no alternative means of survival. They include women, children, the disabled, persons with special needs and the elderly.



To address these challenges, we partner with donors and supporters to implement comprehensive refugee and host community assistance programs and conducts continuous advocacy for them. The programs focuses on supporting Iraqi, Syrian, and Sudanese refugees in Jordan who lack alternative means to sustain their lives.

We are dedicated to providing ongoing support and assistance to needy refugees. We understand the increasing challenges and difficulties refugees and their host communities face in Jordan. That's why we offer monthly assistance to help refugees access basic necessities such as water, food, winterization and emergency aid. Our teams of staff and volunteers conduct house-to-house outreach programs, assess critically, and deliver assistance to the most vulnerable, women, children, the elderly, and persons with specific needs. The teams hold regular close monitoring call meetings to evaluate the impact of Restoring Faith, Inc. assistance and the evolving refugee and affected host communities situation.

Cities we work in: Amman and Aqaba


Because refugees do not have social welfare, food banks, soup kitchens, or consistent relief aid, we strive to meet hunger needs by distributing basic food supplies or food vouchers. Finding there is an overall nutritional deficiency, this service can especially help those families who suffer from malnutrition, illness or disease. 


The housing situation for refugee families is generally below the poverty level. Every house has very poor insulation and lacks central heating. During the winter months it gets very cold.

We provide them with supplies such as blankets and area-heaters to help these families keep warm. In extreme circumstances, we evaluate the need for further assistance.

What Else We Do For Refugees and Host Communities

  • Promote the inclusion and participation of all members of the refugee communities, particularly the disabled, elderly, women, and youth.

  • Provide equitable access to essential services for refugees and strengthening opportunities for resilience and self-reliance.

  • Improve availability and accessibility to sufficient, quality, and nutritious food to individuals impacted by protracted crisis who suffer from food insecurity levels for enhanced resilience.

Accountability to Affected Refugee Communities and Stakeholders

Restoring Faith is accountable to the affected communities as well as to its donors.

Program implementation incorporates stakeholders and a participatory community approach in all stages of the project life cycle. Restoring Faith has staff and volunteers who manage the online beneficiary help desk and receive feedback and complaints. 

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