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Severin & Chelby Christenson

I never in my life thought that I would find myself needing to write an ‘about me’ as the founder of a Non-Profit, as I would prefer to be placed in the position of a volunteer. My wife and I have been volunteering for churches and organizations for a multitude of years, reaping the benefits of joy and fulfillment that go with it - so why stop volunteering and why start a Non-Profit? Well, there are times when God calls you to do something, and in that time you either answer or walk away. That is what Restoring Faith is, it is an answer. To my wife and I, Restoring Faith is the answer to what God called us to do, to other’s Restoring Faith is an answer to how they can reach refugees, and to a lot of people- Restoring Faith is the answer to how they are going to be fed the next day. My wife Chelby and I may have started a Non-Profit, but we never stopped volunteering as we take zero profits from Restoring Faith. All of the donations go directly to those in need.


When we are not working on Restoring Faith, Chelby and I are hobby bee-keepers/bee rescuers. I myself work in the medical field, and Chelby is an education professional.

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