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Testimony of Salima

Salima is a Sudanese refugee who fled her country because of war, but ended up fighting another kind of battle once she settled in Jordan, one of extreme poverty.

When we first met Salima, she was living in a dilapidated basement apartment. As she began to tell us about herself, we were stunned by her heartbreaking story.

She had been married, and she and her husband had a beautiful baby girl, Besma. As the months went by and the baby grew, they discovered that she had a condition known as Acromelia, a type of short-limbed dwarfism, where the arms and legs don’t grow. To make matters worse, the husband abandoned his wife and daughter with this new found information. Salima found herself raising her baby all alone.

During our assessment with Salima, it was obvious that her now 13-year-old daughter Besma’s living conditions were horrific. She could only afford a rent of $100/month because she was only able to work temporary part-time jobs cleaning houses at $10/day. She had no refrigerator, and drinking from unsafe tap water. The typical dank, musty smell from mold was obvious, but there was also a putrid odor I did not recognize. After we got acquainted and heard more about her life, she showed us a video of rats squirming against the walls of her living room, and immediately we understood where the smell came from. These were the worst living conditions I had ever seen in my entire life.

As Salima explained the failed attempts to get rid of the rats and how they had to stay awake during the night or get bitten on the face, hands and feet, Besma began crying uncontrollably. Everyone was crying at that point. We calmed her down and promised we would help them leave that apartment and find another. By the next day, they found another place. Praise God!

Salima and Besma are now on our monthly distribution list to receive food and aid. Thanks to you, our partners, Restoring Faith can help sustain the least of these. There are others like this single mom and daughter who escaped war in their home country and are now living in abject poverty. Families like these are beneficiaries of our monthly program, thanks to our monthly partners!

Will you consider joining us in a one-time gift or monthly donation to give aid and hope to other families like Salima’s who are in extreme need? We have a waiting list of desperate families who would greatly benefit from the food and aid we provide.

- Restoring Faith Team, May 2023


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