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The death toll from the disastrous earthquake in Turkey and Syria has passed 50,000. A total of 9000 aftershocks have occurred. Approximately 250,000 aid workers are there to help. 8.8 million people have been displaced in Syria alone. These are staggering figures.

6.7 million Syrians are refugees in other countries. 6.9 million Syrians are IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) within their own country. And now the earthquake crisis has exacerbated the conditions of these families.

The devastation is overwhelming to the people of Syria. This is why we sent a team to Aleppos and Homs to distribute emergency aid to the suffering families. The photos tell the story.

Will you consider giving to this desperate cause? No amount is too little and no amount is too big. You can donate here today. Your prayers for the families and those on the ground helping are so needed at this time. We appreciate you as prayer and support partners during this severe crisis.

Thank you for joining with us in loving our neighbors and helping to provide hope to the suffering.

- Restoring Faith Team, March 2023


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