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Successful “Replacing Broken Items” Project

Updated: Jan 21

With your help, a total of 1,500 refugees have received food coupons. After thorough assessments were made, over 70 refugee homes benefitted from our "Replacing Broken Items" Project. We provided stovetops, stoves, refrigerators, washers, water heaters, area heaters, gas tanks, carpets, blankets, plumbing repairs, and repaired walls that had mold. We attribute the success of this trip to the generosity of all our faithful partners that include monthly, yearly and one time givers! Without you, we could not accomplish this! 

This October 2023 trip to Jordan, though the most successful, was also the most difficult we have faced ever since we became involved with helping refugees in 2012. There were several times that we were advised to shelter-in-place and not go outside due to demonstrations going on in the city. Twice we found ourselves stuck in traffic with soldiers, police, and tanks lining the streets to prepare for protests. At times it was unnerving and tense, but we were encouraged and assured through prayer partners and by the Scriptures that God had gone before us. Many local friends advised us to return home, but we could not do so until the Project was completed. All in all, we were protected and we can joyfully announce that we achieved all we set out to do with the "Replacing Broken Items" Project. The refugee families deserved this and we couldn’t let them down. Every goal and plan was carried out. Glory to God!

Once home, our team in Jordan told us they were still receiving requests from refugee families who heard about the "Replacing Broken Items" Project. It’s still not too late to contribute towards helping them! Our prayer for this Project, like our Food Distribution Program, is for it to be ongoing. We are eyewitnesses to the great needs they continue to have. The video here says it all. 

May God reward and bless each and every one of you who partners and prays with us.

- Restoring Faith Team, November 2023


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