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"Restoring Broken Items" Project

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

By Joanne Liang, Director of Restoring Refugees

As you may have read in our previous article posted on July 10th, many refugee families have broken items in their apartments. For our annual trip to Jordan in October, we will be reaching out to these families to evaluate the need for repair and replacement of broken appliances and fixtures. We hope to restore some normalcy to their lives by fixing or replacing these broken items. Their lives are hard enough as it is, and with your help, we aim to make their living conditions more bearable.

The cost to replace and repair items in Jordan is ⅓ of what we pay in the USA. Restoring Faith is careful in the assessment and consideration of the current situation with each family and will ensure that help is given to the most needy families. This project will produce results that will bring both relief and joy to these refugee families. 

During our trip, Phil, Christian and I will also take part in the distribution of food coupons to each refugee family we support. As we give to these families, we thank you for your support, and ask for your heartfelt prayers.

Please consider donating to our "Restoring Broken Items" Project by clicking here:


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