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Preliminary Report from Jordan

Today is our 3rd full day in Jordan and we were told to shelter in place! Not what you tell us when we have a concerted effort to fulfill our mission! But shelter we did because as you know, it’s not wise to be caught in an angry mob. We are just one mile from where most of the protests are held. Streets are blocked, children were sent home from school and Ubers were all halted as thousands of protestors took to the streets. 

On the other hand, yesterday was a productive day. We visited with 19 families from morning until evening. Our other team member, Fahad, visited another ten families today. Between both yesterday and today, there were many needs. 

The photos tell a story that I don’t need to tell. What I can say is how very thankful Restoring Faith is for you, our dedicated supporters and prayer warriors. Your funds are making a huge impact on the lives of refugee families. Your prayers are helping pave the way for the LORD to do His work in and through us. Despite the limitations, His work is being accomplished! 

With a heart of gratitude representing the refugee families,

- Restoring Faith Team, October 2023


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