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No Time Wasted

We were sequestered all day Friday due to further demonstrations for the third time. Roads were blocked and we were told to shelter in place. This stops the visits to the refugee families and our work is then doubled up on another day. It won’t stop what we need to accomplish though. It puts no fear in us of what is going on with all of this, so we redeem and take advantage of the time by working on finances and completing videos. 

For the rest of the mission trip, there is no way to know what each day will look like. For any scheduled plans we make, they are hit or miss.  

When we are outside, we focus on family visits, assessment of needs, and the purchase of area heaters, blankets, stoves, washers and refrigerators to replace some very damaged ones. The families are so  thankful, and each and every one of them give the invitation to come back to have a meal with them. In previous times, we would say yes, but with time wasted because of the shelter-in-place, we cannot accept and must proceed to the next task. 


In the photos below, you'll see the living conditions as well as a few of the old and damaged appliances. Many homes have broken appliances like this. They not only look damaged, but they don't function properly either. And since they are so old, they are not energy-efficient, so that adds to the cost of electricity. We were able to find new replacement stoves for $180, new washers for $230, and new fridges for $300. On top of that, the newer appliances are energy-efficient, so that will save on the cost of electricity.

If anyone would like to sponsor an appliance, please message us, or donate on the website. We will be sure your donation is used well. 

We thank you in your giving to those living like this. They are the ones who escaped war and would not deny their faith. They are blessed because of you, and their lives just got a little


Thanking you on their behalf,

- Restoring Faith Team, October 2023


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