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January 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

By Alucia Kojan, Field Manager for Restoring Refugees

Restoring Faith's monthly program assists multinational refugees in Jordan. The program includes cash transfers, in-kind nonfood items, and food vouchers.

We are deeply grateful to the many generous people who have partnered with us this year. Thanks in large part to your prayers and support, the winterization assistance to vulnerable refugee families was possible.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic made it more challenging for many refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan. The marginalized groups, persons living with special needs, women and child-headed families, and the most vulnerable refugee community members are continuing to experience the brunt of the economic downturn. COVID-19 mitigation measures such as access restrictions and reduced employment opportunities worsened the already deteriorated refugee situation in Jordan.

The cold winter months of January to March can be a life-threatening experience for families who don't have enough access to basic necessities such as fuel, blankets, and clothes.

The lack of these items often leads families into desperate measures.

Restoring Faith’s winter program was developed as part of our end-of-year work in 2021 to provide support to refugee families who are under increased stress due to extreme weather conditions. In collaboration with Livefor1 and Faithful Covenant Foundation, Restoring Faith's Vulnerable Family Program provided cash, in-kind and voucher assistance to help vulnerable families get through these severe winter months. Cash values varied depending on the household size, vulnerability of each member, and other factors that make the household eligible for assistance.

The winterization program started on December 18th, 2021 by visiting families and doing house-to-house distribution. All the families, especially the children, were overjoyed with the donations they received from Restoring Faith and their supporters.

When Restoring Faith beneficiaries share their thoughts, we must hear their opinion. This way, we can learn from them and improve on anything that needs improvement.

An Iraqi family receiving winter program blankets. They say we bring warmth and hope during these cold winter months.

“Restoring faith is an umbrella in the rain, a blanket in the winter, and ice in summer."

These are the words of Gesma, a Sudanese refugee living in Jordan. She is married with three children. Her family has been living in Jordan for the last six years since they arrived as asylum seekers after fleeing their homes due to warring parties and terrorism that tore apart Sudan's existence. Even though she found some amount of peace in Jordan, away from physical or any other form of harm, Gesma carried on knowing what could happen to her family if there was no means of livelihood. “How would we survive then? Restoring Faith can protect us against storms.”


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