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Visit to Jordan: Oct 2021

Updated: Feb 11

Joanne Liang, Christian Liang, and Jeremiah Coffman will be traveling to Jordan in October for two weeks to finally visit the refugee families again! In our ever-changing COVID world, and with the ever-changing international travel regulations that prohibited us from our normal routine visits to Jordan, we are so excited at the prospect of connecting with the families after all this time. It will be wonderful to see them face to face again, to see their smiles in-person, to feel their hugs, and to join hands with them to pray.

We also anticipate connecting with our field workers there, Alucia and Wael, who have been invaluable to us in the distribution of food coupons and food bags while not being there in person to help. During the crisis, they bravely and regularly continued the visitations and ministry to over 50 families who are suffering.

Pray for us as we journey internationally. Especially pray that a harvest of funds are received so that we can meet our goals in helping with apartment repairs while there. You've seen the photos and heard the stories. You know there's so many improvements that they need, especially to their kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, please pray for our goal this year for increased donations to give aid to the 40 families who are on our waiting list.

Bless you all for your prayers and giving!


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