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Christmas Meal Campaign!

Christmas is a season of miracles. It’s a time of gifts and giving. It’s a time of reflection on our many blessings. Families go shopping, watch movies and bake cookies together. All activities are geared toward the one day where everyone will share their Christmas meal and gifts together.

The Christian refugee community celebrates Jesus at this time of year.

We’d like to be able to give meals to families whose cheer and meals are scarce. The struggles they face are very real every day and the holidays for them aren’t what I described above. Yet, we can give them joy and excitement in receiving food coupons for them to have a special Christmas meal.

$20 buys a special meal for a small to medium family.

$30 buys a special meal for a large family.

As you enter this season of joy and cheer, would you consider sponsoring a few families in need of a Christmas meal this holiday? Consider the joy it will give to their world and the peace it will give to their heart.

It’s amazing donors like you that make Christmas a season of miracles!

Sending our warmest greetings for a blessed holiday season,

- Restoring Faith Team, November 2022


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