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Aqaba Project

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

In Jordan where we service refugees, an important focus of ours is to not only build relationships with the refugee families, but also with the local people. Sometimes the locals feel that their land has been invaded due to the many that have flown for refuge. So the question is, how can we help both sides feel taken care of? We teach the simple truths of “Loving Thy Neighbor”. This is not always an easy thing to do, but it is necessary in order for progress to be made and most of all, unity to be created amongst those who have to live side by side when it was not even their choice in the first place. Relationship building helps open doors and it also opens eyes.

We have had the pleasure of building relationships with some of the locals for over 10 years. This has significantly allowed us to expand our impact, deepen views and most importantly, allowed us to actively give aid in communities that sometimes only the locals are best at performing due to the many language barriers and cultural differences. This helps the locals feel like they are contributing to the importance of helping the poor and needy. At the same time, it helps the refugees feel welcome in a country of refuge. We do not only advocate for one side, but both sides taking into perspective everyone’s lives that have been destroyed by conflict and war.

It has truly been a rewarding factor seeing refugees and locals work side by side in times of loss and despair. We are blessed to have outreach in more areas of Jordan, specifically now in Aqaba, Jordan. Our Aqaba Project will be focused on locals and refugees working together to build the fruit of reconciliation and Loving Thy Neighbor with the help of our new volunteer, Haneen Al Jarhi.

Haneen was born and raised in Aqaba. She has worked the last 14 years in Public Relations. Haneen was our neighbor when we lived in Aqaba, and we have known her for 12 years and witnessed at that time her dedication to helping the most needy. She is very excited to be joining Restoring Faith in our distributions of food and aid, and we are equally excited to have her serve alongside us.

We joyfully welcome Haneen to our team!

- Lauriel Amoudeh, Digital Content Specialist, January 2023


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