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April 2024 Trip to Jordan

“Now may He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruit of your righteousness.” - 2 Corinthians 9:10

Our Lord God promises He will not forsake the poor and needy. In a practical sense, He does this through the Body of Christ. On our recent trip to Jordan, as eyewitnesses to His greatness in serving the refugees, we saw that Jesus multiplied the seed you have sown. It was a highly successful trip where we visited, assessed and distributed food and medicines to almost 100 families. We also helped provide rent, appliances and, most importantly, prayer, hope and encouragement!

While we could see on their faces the comfort of knowing that the free church in America cares about them and prays for them, they were not the only ones who experienced the hope of the Lord in those moments. We were equally blessed, but in a different way. Being face to face with the suffering Bride of Christ will truly change you.

The stories we heard from the mouths of people living in horrible conditions were all marked by a deep love and commitment to Christ. They shared that they would rather lose everything this world has to offer than to lose their faith in the Lord. Losing faith is not a choice for them. This experience reminds us that we truly are one body in Christ and that when one part suffers, we all share in that pain and when one part rejoices, we rejoice with them! We rejoice with them in the joy and hope of the Gospel and we must also share in feeling the effects of their suffering for Christ.

As part of the body with an unrestrained voice we share their plight with all who will listen. Thank you for partnering with us in being their voice!

- Christian, Juliana and Joanne April 2024


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