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Phillip Liang

Phillip is currently an Administrative Director for the Medical Imaging and Clinical Laboratory departments at a hospital. He is married to Joanne Liang, our Restoring Refugees Director, and together they have 3 children. His entire family has been involved in ministry in the country of Jordan where they resided for 6 years. His passion is to continue the Biblical humanitarian efforts that he and his family began back in 2009 in the Middle East.

Phillip’s credentials exists as a licensed clinical laboratory scientist and a Masters of Business Administration. For the last 35 years, his expertise falls in the area of developing operational efficiencies, management strategies and leadership development. Phillip’s achievements include being a husband and father to a wonderful family, a founder of Fountain of Life Fellowship (501c), a founder of the Inland Empire Laboratory Alliance, and also operated as a CFO on the board of a homeless shelter.

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