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Restoring Faith, Inc. serves the homeless in the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside in California, USA. We conduct homeless outreach with volunteers, and partner with local organiztions to provide food and hygene products.

Homeless Response: California.

Jordan hosts about three million refugees who escaped wars in the Middle East and North African countries. The refugee population constitutes approximately 36% of the Jordanian population, placing considerable strain on socio-economic foundations and systems already strained prior to the surge in refugee arrivals. The refugee population comprises minority groups, the disabled, individuals with special needs, the elderly, women, and girls who face exposure to exploitation. In addition, the emergence of the COVID‑19 pandemic has complicated and exacerbated the already worsened living conditions for these refugee communities.

Restoring Faith, Inc. provides life-saving assistance with in-kind food distribution, food vouchers, and cash support. We target the most vulnerable refugee households with no alternative means for survival or any alternative coping mechanisms left. Restoring Faith supports refugees living in urban, rural, mobile, and camp-like situations.


Because refugees do not have social welfare, food banks, soup kitchens, or consistent relief aid, we strive to meet hunger needs by distributing basic food supplies or food vouchers.

There is an overall nutritional deficiency as we have assessed among our refugee families. Most have members that suffer
from illness or disease including PTSD. We provide vitamins, dietary supplements and basic hygiene supplies to families. For those with serious medical conditions, we help with the purchase of medication.


The housing situation for refugee families is generally below the poverty level. Every house has very poor insulation and lacks central heating. During the winter months it gets very cold.

We provide them with supplies such as blankets and area-heaters to help these families keep warm. In extreme circumstances, we evaluate the need for further assistance.

What We Do For Refugees and Host Communities

  • Strengthen refugee community-based protection systems to prevent and mitigate protection risks.

  • Promote the inclusion and participation of all members of the refugee communities, particularly the disabled, elderly, women, and youth.

  • Strengthen conflict resolution and peace-building among refugees and host communities.

  • Provide equitable access to essential services for refugees and strengthening opportunities for resilience and self-reliance.

  • Address social imbalances, improve peaceful coexistence, and expand opportunities for the marginalized and disadvantaged to reduce the burden on the local community for hosting refugees.

  • Improve availability and accessibility to sufficient, quality, and nutritious food to individuals impacted by protracted crisis who suffer from food insecurity levels for enhanced resilience.

Accountability to Affected Refugee Communities and Stakeholders

Restoring Faith is accountable to the affected communities as well as to its donors.

Program implementation incorporates stakeholders and a participatory community approach in all stages of the project life cycle. Restoring Faith has staff and volunteers who manage the online beneficiary help desk and receive feedback and complaints. 

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