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Joanne Liang

Director of the Department of Restoring Refugees, has been active in assistance to Syrian, Iraqi and Sudanese refugee families since their arrival in Jordan in 2012, both independently and through collaboration with other organizations. Living in Jordan from 2009 to 2015 permitted her to know and understand the culture, the people and their needs. 


For the last seven years, she has spearheaded fundraising projects geared toward food, clothing, and emergency assistance for refugee families and manages the dispersement of aid.


Joanne has 32 years of previous combined experience working with charitable non-profit organizations and serving on various boards, including one in which she founded along with her husband Phillip. Her passions include developing long-term strategies to assist refugees, fundraising and teaching ESL. In her free time, Joanne enjoys cooking and baking, entertaining, gardening, writing, and traveling. 

Phillip Liang

Pastor Advisor is currently an Administrative Director for the Medical Imaging and Clinical Laboratory departments at a hospital. He is married to Joanne Liang, our Restoring Refugees Director, and together they have 3 children. His entire family has been involved in ministry in the country of Jordan where they resided for 6 years. His passion is to continue the Biblical humanitarian efforts that he and his family began back in 2009 in the Middle East.

Phillip’s credentials exists as a licensed clinical laboratory scientist and a Masters of Business Administration. For the last 35 years, his expertise falls in the area of developing operational efficiencies, management strategies and leadership development. Phillip’s achievements include being a husband and father to a wonderful family, was a founder of Fountain of Life Fellowship (501c), was a founder of the Inland Empire Laboratory Alliance, and operated as a CFO on the board of a homeless shelter.

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