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Thanksgiving Report: Back From Jordan!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

By Joanne Liang, Director of Restoring Refugees, November 2021

We are joyful to report that on our October 2021 outreach trip to Jordan, we were able to give aid, comfort and prayer to 70 refugee families by means of food, vouchers, vitamins, area heaters and blankets. Emergency projects were implemented with certain families that needed diagnostic testing, a water heater, mattresses, eye glasses, clothes, school assistance and rent assistance. All were very thankful to receive this help! We are so thankful to maintain the relationships we have there.

Each time we visit them, new stories come forth of worsening circumstances. Stories of someone caught working and consequently the entire family forced to leave Jordan and escorted to the border. Stories of not buying a new pair of shoes in three years. Stories of children not attending school. Hunger in their faces and in some, hunger in their heart.

Each time we plan our trips, our hope is to bring a touch of relief and joy to every family. Each time we return back to America, leaving them behind, we see a mission accomplished, a reconnection and a relationship endured.

As a result of generous donations this time, we implemented many wonderful special projects and blessings to help lift families out of some of their unfortunate circumstances. Allow me to share just a few here. Please also view our Facebook page (Restoring Faith, Inc.) which shows stories with photos.

When visiting Sudanese families, their extreme poverty was evident when we saw blankets on the floor serving as rugs and told they use them for sleeping at night. We walked out of their homes knowing we must get them new warm blankets and we did!

During my previous visit to Jordan, in October 2019, I met a teenager named Miriam who spoke pretty good English. When asked where she learned her English, she shyly admitted she was teaching herself from YouTube on her dad’s phone. Her mom didn’t know and was shocked! I promised her right then and there that the next time I visited from America, I would bring her a better device to learn on.

This time around, I had so much excitement to see Miriam and her family again. After our greetings, I looked at her and said, “You didn't think I forgot about you, right?” Her eyes got really big. I knew she knew exactly what I meant. So I took out the notepad and when I gave it to her, she began crying. Everyone was shouting and clapping and happy. What a special moment!

Another blessing was with 20-year-old Kathreen. In making conversation and getting to know her family, Jeremiah asked her, “What is it you like to do the most?” She replied, “I like to play guitar!” Then her mom showed us a video of her playing the guitar. Wow! It wasn’t easy for Kathreen because she was born blind. She told us she was given a guitar but it broke and she hasn’t played since. After visiting, praying and saying our goodbyes, we all immediately and tearfully said to each other, “We are going to find her a guitar!” It’s a long story, but the result … Kathreen is now playing guitar again!

Restoring Faith is truly blessed to be a small part of the emotional, physical and spiritual support of these refugee families in crisis. Along with the blessings distributed are precious memories left behind on the part of those giving and those receiving. We sincerely thank each and every one of you for the prayers and partnership that went into this awesome outreach project. We thank God so much for the blessings He pours into all of our lives each day.


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