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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

This amazingly successful trip was intense and left us in awe of God’s great love and mercy. As we gave service to approximately 107 families that included over 400 people, we again discovered amongst most of them some of their greatest needs that included broken water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators and ovens. We identified a lack of blankets and area heaters, unpaid rent, utilities and medical bills. We visited families who said they were on their last “drop of oil”. We observed some families with shoes so worn down that they were putting cardboard inside where the holes were. We witnessed too many people that were sleeping on 3 inch foam instead of a sturdy mattress. This was by far one of their greatest needs as we predicted. A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy life. To watch the families, especially those with disabled and elderly, be given better mattresses to replace the old ones was very moving. The refugee families realized how deeply we care about every aspect of their lives. And lastly, the food coupons they received allowed them to have adequate meals for the next month or so. It’s a relief from them having to dwell on their food scarcity.

Please view our photos and our video (bottom of page) from distribution of the mattresses that includes their sincere thankfulness.

Other highlights of our time with the refugee families were catching up with old acquaintances, making new friends and letting them share their stories. We encourage them to know that we are their voice that is oftentimes unheard and forgotten, and we promise to be the conduit for their ongoing plight of asylum and refugee status. Until they are granted immigration to another country, they can only barely survive. By the grace of God and with your donations, the families have sustenance and hope. The awareness that Restoring Faith raises shows them that somebody cares enough to keep returning with prayers, support and encouragement.

Thank you from the team at Restoring Faith, Inc. for making this October 2022 mission possible! Thank you for the continued prayers and support for these desperate families to have meals and warmth during these coming harsh winter months.

- Restoring Faith Team, October 2022


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